Is Pinterest the social network of the future?

Those involved in communication and, in particular, in the digital sector know that they must keep up with the times. And if you can predict the future , even better.

Hence the importance of data, reports and analytics, but also of a constant mapping of which virtual spaces are most loved by users. That’s why marketers (and others) don’t miss the latest news about the explosion of TikTok.

According to the latest report by eMarketer, the third most used social network in the United States is Pinterest which has surpassed Snapchat for the number of active users and ranks behind only the two giants: Facebook and Instagram.

What are the reasons for the success of Pinterest? Is it reasonable to expect growth in Europe as well? And finally, who can this social network serve?

The (surprise) growth of Pinterest


The reasons for success
We know that millions of people Turkey Mobile Number List use Pinterest, but it’s not always clear what this social network is for. The main function is that of image  search. It is an inspirational , creative and much-loved platform for DIY and home decor enthusiasts.

For this reason, it is not only attractive for a certain age group – as can be accessed for Snapchat, but also for TikTok – nor for limited geographical areas. As eMarketer underlines again, Pinterest has a “universal appeal” , transversal above all from the point of view of age, but also partly of gender.

As Pinterest CMO Andrea Mallard points out in an interview with eMarketer after the data was released:


Andrea Mallard, Pinterest CMO
An increasingly sophisticated showcase

Pinterest provides many tools to facilitate this transition.

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In fact, there are business accounts and an automatic connection with Etsy, the main e-commerce platform for handmade. But there Hong Kong lead  are also other features that make Pinterest a very valuable social showcase. For example, two types of suggested content appear under a photograph: “Similar to” and “Other from the same brand” .

Then there is Pinterest Lens which allows the user to photograph an object, a dress, a piece of furniture and ensure that the social network finds similar proposals – even purchasable ones. On the brands side, however, in 2019 the opportunity was introduced to upload their own Catalogs with the direct link to the e-commerce.

Will it therefore also become the favorite social network for Italian companies.

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