Native advertising, much more than a fad

Native content and native advertising have been talked about for some time. But what is clear now is that native advertising gives much better results than any other type of digital advertising. Because it creates a much stronger form of correspondence and coherence between brands and consumers.

I numeri del native advertising
In the world of marketing, the ability to analyze numbers and data represents the winning system for implementing the right strategy. So, let’s talk about numbers: native advertising has been growing steadily for 3 years already.

Native content receives over half (53%) more views than traditional advertising, with an 18% higher redemption. The data is Forbes who lucidly continues: “Native advertising is another form of advertising. The difference is that it’s an incredibly compelling way to showcase your products or services to your typical consumer.” In this sentence there is practically everything already.

Why native advertising works better than other forms of adv

If you’re wondering what the magic formula of native adv is, actually, it’s that the key lies in its very form.

Native advertising is nothing more Venezuela Mobile Number List  than sponsored content – ​​or in any case containing links and brand/product promotions – delivered within and in the exact same way as the other original and non-promotional contents of the host platform – newspaper, blog, webzine.

The natural form and absolutely similar to the other content greatly increases the visibility of the branded content. No popups, no annoying banners or ubiquitous boxes, the content is just like the others typical of the site.

Therefore it is essential to carefully select the publication that will host the native adv in order to attract the right audience to your brand.

Tips to create the best native advertising

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When choosing to invest in native advertising and content, it is important to outline your strategy by focusing on a few key points.

Channel : half of the work depends on this. Finding the right channel means reaching the right audience. It must be evaluated not Hong Kong lead   only in terms of awareness and reputation, but in terms of engagement and reliability with the target. How to understand it? Consider the recurring topics, the most read columns, whether the social owners are followed or not, and what kind of comments and reactions they produce on users.
Content : Study the other native adv and non-sponsored content of your chosen channel. Design your content to blend seamlessly with others. The message must get across, of course, but not in an overwhelming and oppressive way like an advertisement. Creating value and enriching those who see your content is the real goal and this golden rule also applies to native advertising.
Monitoring : this one immediately follows the previous golden rule. All marketing actions on the web must be traced, analyzed and studied.
The solution is…
As someone said, there are no ready-made recipes with guaranteed success . The truth is that you always need to research, deepen, improve, adjust the shot, stay on track.

The native adv is giving excellent results to those who prefer it, but it is clear that it is not a magic potion. It too is a tool, a way, which must be traveled together with other tools and ways.

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