Perhaps someone will remember the image that Chiara had spread

the impression (the number of times a post appears on a screen); the number of interactions (likes, comments, shares); referral traffic (to measure the traffic that a link brings to a site, whether corporate or connected to a campaign). Natangelo on Il Fatto Quotidiano (2016) Chiara Ferragni’s secret Impossible not to consider the example of Chiara Ferragni, a thirty-year-old fashion blogger, better known as The Blonde Salad . The young woman from Cremona, who now divides her time between Los Angeles and Milan, has millions of followers going from Instagram, the social network that made her famous, to Facebook and Snapchat.

After the success achieved with her blog she has reached a turnover of over 10

Million dollars a year, not only as an influencer of the most high-profile fashion brands, but also as the creator of  Cayman Islands Mobile Number List her own line of clothing, shoes and accessories . On 5 October this year, Rai 2 dedicated an entire evening to the “Fenomeno Ferragni”, defining Chiara as an Italian icon in the world. The film “Unposted” was broadcast for the first time and, after winning at the Venice Film Festival , it also received a nomination for the 2020 Silver Ribbons in the “Royal Cinema” category. Authenticity and irony.

After the film, Simona Ventura interviewed the influencer

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Recording the meeting at MAXXI, the National Museum of XXI Century Arts, which is based in Rome. In addition to Hong Kong lead  talking about the most famous digital entrepreneur in the world, the interview revealed the most intimate side of Chiara Ferragni, that of a simple former child who has been able to transform her weaknesses into strengths over time and who, less ten years, has changed the world of fashion and the media. Other than brand, other than luxury! After this event, the secret of Chiara’s success seems to be self- irony . To defend herself from constant attacks, the queen of the web has slowly learned to laugh at herself, pulverizing envy and superficiality.  two years ago on Instagram, eating pizza with her younger sister.

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