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What exactly does social listening mean? Social networks are an important – not to mention fundamental – part of human relationships and relationships between customers and companies. So social listening is about understanding online conversations, the number of which is growing day by day.

Keeping track of brand mentions, reading comments, reviews and conversations that take place in digital squares is of crucial importance for any digital strategy.

Why follow online conversations about the brand
First of all, analysing, monitoring and interpreting online conversations about your brand allows you to find out what customers, users, sympathizers and even detractors really say and think about the brand and its products. This serves not only to outline their needs and real needs, or to highlight user-side critical issues, but can also be a very useful tool for SEO purposes.

SEO e social listening

Analyzing conversations allows you to get closer to your target and users. Ok, got it, but how?

In an indirect but decidedly profitable way: by listening to and monitoring online conversations around the brand and its products, we can understand and master, with study and analysis, the language of one’s target, the one they use to refer to the brand.

Not only – or not exactly – keywords with which users search online, but adjectives, keyphrases, keywords and related topics, providing  Ukraine Mobile Number List mines of topics on which to finalize their content marketing strategy and structure, for example, SEO content for more informative searches.

Communication and competitors
Listening – doing social listening – to conversations on social media is also important because it can help identify competitive advantages over other market players.

The way users talk about the brand’s competitors online allows them to acquire important information – relating to products and services – and also to understand, for example, what the brand has less than the others, working on this gap.

Social listening e tool
Clearly, tracing all conversations, mentions and reviews relating to a brand is not a very simple operation. This is why it is useful to take advantage of a tool.

Social listening tools are definitely useful, then. The most famous of all may be Google Alert, which tracks the keywords set in online posts. Obviously, the brand name also appears among the keywords.

Another famous tool in the sector is Mention, which, as the name suggests, identifies online brand mentions in social media. You can try it for free for 14 days and then for a fee in various packages.

Eco Social also takes care of following the brand at 360°, monitoring conversations in different languages, very convenient for those looking for an international solution and fearing crises and damage to the brand reputation.

Social listening smart pills

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For what and how can we best use everything we collect and recover online about our brand? How do we best do social listening, then?

Here are some usable and smart pills that will make your digital communication as flourishing as possible.

Track the health of your online reputation : comparing the number of positive comments and mentions to negative ones helps to outline the perception of the brand by online users. Interesting above all if compared also in relation to the Hong Kong lead  same data referring to the various competitors.
Improve the relationship with your customers : listening is a fundamental part of any communication. Therefore, to activate effective communication with your audience it is important to learn to read and understand what is really being said about you.
Neutralize the criticisms : the listening part also includes listening to the criticisms. Reading them, studying them, understanding them is certainly the number one step to be able to neutralize them as well.
An example for everyone? Algida, who put the tip of the croissant on sale,

discovering that it is the most loved part of her famous croissant, or Fida, who was forced to put the Rossana back on the market, adored as much as agée candies, loudly requested by users online.
Identify the right influencers : Influencers help and support users’ decisions online. Checking how and how much a given activity has been talked about online is a further indicator of its success.
In general, social listening helps to “stay on track”, always in touch with your target. To intuit, predict, understand and be prepared for changes in sentiment, because you can see them, indeed, feel them, arrive.


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