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Content and with whom a relationship of trust is established. And this is precisely the heart of the success (and failure) of influencer marketing. It is certainly nothing new that the world of communication and marketing is looking for the spaces where the looks of potential customers are more frequently and attentively placed . It happens with billboard advertising, with television commercials, with the inclusion of products for commercial purposes within TV programmes.  Suspicion in front of the ADV Yet, lately, something has broken.

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These factors, together with the trust between creators and the community, are what make a campaign successful or not. The benefits of micro-influencers don’t end there. There are many UK Mobile Number List profiles with less than 100,000 followers, and therefore the brand has a much better chance of involving precisely the people who speak to their niche . These creators also manage to maintain more direct contact with their followers, with whom they exchange messages and advice.

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Of influencer marketing by labeling this phenomenon as a pure bubble without content destined to explode.Little Hong Kong lead  influencers, real communities influencer marketing sarag. Community in reality, it is the mobile marketer survey itself that underlines how two areas in which the relationship between influencer and community. Is still strong are still resisting micro -influencers (with less than 100,000 followers) and local influencers. In the first case. We are talking about characters with slow growth, organic and . Without bots, capable of building a relationship of trust and exchange. With followers.

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