The first interesting element of Burger King’s approach

Just think of corona beer .Which due to the name that sounds like the virus. Has seen a drastic drop in sales and has stopped posting .On its social accounts. Now that we are gradually moving towards “Phase 3” and a return to normality. Marked by social distancing. The theme is not only to adapt corporate storytelling to the new world, but also to reflect on the value and values ​​of advertising. And what tone to use to convey them. The priority of post lockdown. Communication as we have seen speaking specifically of advertising and coronavirus.One of the objectives for a company or a brand to obtain .The desired results is to appear human .

Clients, including potential clients, have all been scarred by this long self-isolation and

Will likely remember those who were sensitive and supportive. Let’s think of Barilla which, in addition to a television commercial, has published  Macedonia Mobile Number List a long list of the names of employees who, during the pandemic, have not stopped working. Effectively allowing pasta to continue to arrive in the homes of Italians. Many, then, had the idea of ​​rethinking their logos “by distancing themselves” . And social distancing, together with prudence, are the themes that, even during the summer, will accompany communication and advertising. Burger King and the adaptation of the claim.

There are many ways to tell one’s humanity. In fact, jokes and irony are not said to be banned

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On the contrary, finding a light way to make customers smile and, at the same time, convey a responsible concept , make the Hong Kong lead  message even easier to remember. Burger King is well aware that, throughout the quarantine and even now, it has been able to adapt its tone of voice to the circumstances, proving credible and effective.  to communication in recent months is the fact that the Whooper , the most famous sandwich ever invented, has always remained at the center of the discussion. First of all, in fact, the well-known fast food chain has changed the.

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