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Facebook shops. What it is and how it works but let’s see better what facebook shops is. It is a space available for facebook pages and connected instagram accounts where you can upload the name, photographs. Description and price of the objects .Or services that a brand sells. It’s totally free. It’s set up through the facebook business .Manager and the uploaded products can be tagged in posts, photos and stories. A brand can, therefore, insert its own catalogue. But the purchase cannot be completed .Directly on social networks. In fact, it is necessary to connect the catalog to your site. Or conclude the transaction by agreeing with the customer via private message.

The shopping experience is facilitated by a series of options such as for example

The ability to upload multiple photographs of the same garment or object, or the opportunity to start a chat via Messenger, WhatsApp Business Latvia Mobile Number List or Instagram Direct with the seller . Furthermore, each piece of the catalog can be commented, shared and saved, like any other post. It seems that, as anticipated, Facebook is also testing options to allow you to complete the shopping experience without leaving the platform . Indeed, there is talk of a new form of “live shopping” that recalls an old teleshopping, transformed in a digital sense. The future of Facebook and Instagram seems sealed.

Will we get used to using social networks to make purchases and will small and

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Medium-sized companies take advantage of this opportunity? Immuni . Computer engineer Christian Sisti clarifies two million downloads, although it cannot be activated on all smartphones. On the Google store, as if that weren’t enough, there  Hong Kong lead was also a curious case of misunderstanding . Many users, entering “Immuni” in the search, have mistakenly downloaded Immune System, an app in English that teaches how the immune system works. Thinking it was the anti-Coronavirus application, several people even protested, leaving negative reviews for the fact that there was no Italian-language version of the service. To understand the functioning and usefulness of Immuni.

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