The main challenges were two

Our vision is to create a world where the work of freelancers and digital creatives is recognised, sought after and rewarded as it deserves .” from the initial idea to its realisation. What were the main difficulties and great satisfactions related to this project “ . The first was to “Build” our digital space .  necessary to satisfy the model. We had in mind. The second was to make ourselves known to the italian creative and economic panorama . Building our community of freelance creatives and brand awareness towards companies.


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How does your platform work in practice and what services does it offer. “Our mission is to remove all barriers and bring freelancers closer to job opportunities. To put this principle into Dubai Phone Number List practice, we’ve created a space for companies to seek out and connect with freelance and creative talent. As for freelancers and creatives , they can create their own profile, publish their portfolio and sell digital services in a dedicated space. In this way, companies can search for the perfect talent according to their needs, budget and available timescales.

A proprietary platform that had the technological characteristics

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Inside, we publish content created ad hoc for our users regarding issue  in line with the professionalism Hong Kong lead  present in Digitazon . How are you currently promoting Digitazon across channel. We use digital channels a lot with paid advertising .  Speaking of communication. what should a freelancer do to develop his personal branding . “ Personal branding takes constant effort .

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