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Let’s get practical: what are the digital strategies suitable for increasing online brand awareness? “I can tell you that brand awareness and lead generation do not have a perfect recipe.  to the targets , therefore to the reference audience and the tools that are most used by that audience. As far as the most suitable tools for brand awareness are concerned, the answer is “everyone”, because the omni-channel of communication is especially useful in digital. For example, today the online presence of a business cannot do.

Without Facebook, Linke din, Instagram and Google Ads

While perhaps the least interesting channels because they are more niche are Twitter and Pinterest”. And the most frequent mistakes? “The  Russia Mobile Number List most frequent mistake is to focus on digital marketing and try it only for 15 days: you need patience . The ideal period to test a digital communication strategy is at least three months : only in this way is it possible to understand if we are going in the right direction or if there is a need to adjust the shot. Another mistake is that of wanting to “do something on the internet” without knowing its dynamics or being ignorant of social networks, but above all without leaving the time to set up a targeted and sensible strategy”. What has been the impact of the pandemic on digital marketing.

The impact of the pandemic on digital marketing has been terrible

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Communication is seen as an “expendable” service in times of crisis, but it is precisely in these moments that communication is fundamental. Like Hong Kong lead  everyone else, we too suffered in the month of March . Many of our customers have interrupted their contracts, but we have chosen to continue managing their social profiles for free so as not to interrupt communication, which will be essential when business resumes “. What were the most consistent alterations of the pre-quarantine trends.

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