The peculiarity of this type of sponsorship consists

This is an interesting but particularly expensive sponsorship. Hashtag Challenge is probably the most famous type of sponsorship on TikTok, which allows you to launch a challenge aimed at users, inviting them to create content that has the theme described by the challenge itself and to relaunch it with the # of the challenge. In the Hashtag Challenge Plus version . The brand that launches the hashtag challenge has the option of adding an external link or a link to a special area called “Discover. Where the product can be purchased directly.

The surveys of the Californian company Sensor Tower thus confirm a stubborn positive

In the case of branded lens, the brand creates actual 2d or 3d filters and .Special effects that the user can then use in creating their own Jordan Mobile Number List videos. Lastly. Top view consists of a sponsorship very similar to brand takeover. Which users view in the “For you” section and.  which is usually associated with a call to action. All that remains, therefore.Is to choose the most suitable advertising format… and happy tiktok to the sound of tiktok, tiktok, tiktok, the most nomen omen. App there is .Won the first place of most downloaded app in the world in may.  Trend of incredible growth. We had already talked about its popularity on our blog .As well as the explosion of tiktok mania in our country and the most followed influencers .

If on the user side the social network is liked and entertained, on the corporate side TikTok

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Knows well that the numbers do not betray and must be indulged as long as they are hot. For this reason, tiktok ads has released a tool that Hong Kong lead  allows you to manage advertising. Segment the target, set goals and measure campaign results. Tiktok numbers. Growing users and revenues in the first quarter of 2020 alone.The app was downloaded 315 million times. Boosting the total downloads to over a staggering 2 billion . Between the ages of 16 and 24, who cover 41% of users, but surprisingly, even the over 25s are starting to appear on the platform. Thus making the adult audience grow by 5.5 percentage points compared to the ‘last year.  everywhere! India.

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