The same storytelling must be modulated to ensure

As for Europe, for now, the most affected are the airlines and shipping companies with a 90 percent drop in demand. For travel agencies and tour operators the losses are around 70%”. Faced with such a profound upheaval of plans, even the communication of a tourist reality – whether it is a destination or a structure – must necessarily adapt.  that the economic damage does not turn into a deterioration of reputation. Communicating during the crisis and also in this transition phase is not easy, but it is important to remember that any type of change in the business requires a rethinking of the promotion and communication strategy.

How to promote the Italy brand In fact selling becomes the least of priorities

And that’s not necessarily a bad thing. As we know, the realities that are able to establish a relationship with potential customers are increasingly Peru Mobile Number List successful. From this point of view, such a complicated period can be a challenge to question which aspects of one’s structure or reality usually remain in the background. Furthermore, we do not know how our target audience experienced the quarantine. We don’t know if he lost his job or not, if he can afford a vacation or not. Dosing emotions is crucial to ensure that a form of empathy and closeness is activated , without exaggerating.

Even a tone of voice that is too cheerful or carefree could be out of place

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Better to bring to light values ​​such as that of solidarity, in order to make customers aware of the principles of those who manage a hotel Hong Kong lead   or a farm holiday. Green light also for good news : announcing a new birth in a family structure, for example, is information that will make everyone feel closer. empty beach coronavirus Starting from the data A reorganization of the communication strategy – and a period of forced break from the main tasks of those involved in tourism – also requires a systematization of data .

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