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They will themselves be the ones to welcome the new members, to resolve some particularly frequent questions and to build further relationships between people already interested in their own reality. Manage and post content to a company Facebook group The starting point before deciding whether or not to create a “corporate” Facebook group is the analysis of the target . As anticipated, the most active users on Facebook are usually over 30 on average. Therefore, the group tool becomes more effective if our target is not teenagers, for example.  Facebook. For example, a company that produces fishing accessories can evaluate whether fishing enthusiasts, regardless of age, frequent Zuckerberg’s social network or not to talk or find out about their hobby.

Once the target has been evaluated, you can proceed with the actual

Creation in the mode that is best suited to your objective. And then? Facebook groups also require consistency and content . The advice Guatemala Mobile Number List is to develop an editorial plan (parallel and distinct from that of the page) to stimulate conversations and activities also on the group. Thanks to insights, it is also possible to monitor the results and performance of our activities, just like with Facebook pages. One more element to measure the actual effectiveness of this tool and of the implemented content strategy. Facebook group content Local groups, one more resource Until now we have talked about Facebook groups created and managed directly by those involved in social media and brand communication.

But there are also numerous spaces for spontaneous aggregation that represent many

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Resources for those involved in communication. The most classic example is that of the local groups . The various “Sei di maranello se…” and so on. These Hong Kong lead  spaces. Particularly active in smaller towns. Connect people who are part of the same physical community. And who, consequently, are strongly interested. In what is happening in their area. For a company reality.These groups can have a dual function. Listening and sharing . In the first case.They are spaces in which to listen to.Monitor and map the needs and priorities of the people. Who are located in a certain strategic territory from a company point of view.

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