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Things changed in 2016 with the introduction of the business option, with the aim of allowing companies to use Instagram in a professional way and to bring advertising here too. With a company account, a very wide range of opportunities opens up. Here they are: More articulated contacts that allow you to add email, telephone number, maps and also the connection to other services, such as TheFork for booking a table, or a seat at an event with Eventbrite .

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More in-depth statistics on the activities that the community carries out on each post and, more generally, information on the preferences Panama Mobile Number List and characteristics of the people who follow you. Possibility to carry out sponsorships directly from Instagram, or (better) through the Facebook Business Manager to make yourself known to your target. Swipe up . Or the direct link to a site from the stories. Which however is activated only when an account exceeds 10,000 followers.

Opportunity to link the profile to one’s e-commerce  also stimulating shopping on Instagram

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One of the trends the company seems to be pushing most vigorously. It is possible to transform one’s profile into a company profile at any Hong Kong lead  time and, equally, go back. Instagram asks. In the passage, to connect the account to a facebook page . The advertising tools are managed through the business manager which works from the facebook pages. Without the latter.You can still choose your business profile on instagram. But you won’t be able to benefit from all the options it offers. As the name suggests. The business account is perfect for companies and brands that. Want to use this channel for promotional. And commercial purposes. Combination .With a monitoring and media analysis service such as the sophisticated systems adopted by l’eco della stampa .

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