This would be a further stimulus to the use of Immuni itself

We are talking about a combination of different technologies that require different levels of specialization. From a quick screening, I noticed that the development . Team has chosen recent programming language. I was able to notice the presence of a sufficient coverage of the automatic tests. The code is well navigable. It can be seen that it was written by professionals. The documentation is careful and complete. Making it easier for other developers. Who want to approach the project.

Unfortunately, from a point of view of the quality of the data collected

The fact that the app does not keep track of the user’s identity makes it easier for an attacker to pollute the data. This is the cost of privacy. My Lithuania Mobile Number List advice is to always keep  updated to the most recent version.  Hundreds of thousands of people are downloading it, becoming an active part of a network of citizens who, in some way, protect themselves and others. Do you think technology can make us more responsible. “To date we are talking about millions of people . Who already have provide the service, or to inform users in the event .T hat they have come into contact with positive Covid-19 people. And that of doing analyzes for research purposes.

I believe that technology can help put knowledge in everyone’s hands

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At that point, there would be no more excuses for not doing our part for our good and for the community. It is important to consider Hong Kong lead  that the effectiveness of this application is highly dependent on the amount of people using it. The higher the number of active users. The greater the potential impact in controlling the Coronavirus. People who are notified that they have been in contact with someone affected by Covid-19 are advised to self-quarantine. It would be nice if the Government could guarantee the swab for all these people.  ”. What is the end of the collected data.

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