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That have blown out less than five candles. According to analysts, the most recently established companies are digital-native , therefore in tackling the health emergency, they have a better start than their older sisters. In 2021, then, the services related to marketing and advertising will be the ones to. W hich the largest budgets will be allocated – chosen by 32% of the sample – followed by accounting software (21%). Furthermore, restaurateurs are inclined to activate new financial services.  Such as an entirely online business account. T o adopt instant messaging programs and e-commerce platforms .

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Technological exhibitors have understood that familiarity with the new media is essential. In a historical moment Algeria Mobile Number List in which digital tools become the only means of not suspending one’s business. Catering must have the ability to innovate. As panino giusto did, for example . “If covid-19 has accelerated a trend that is already underway – explains the ceo antonio civita – the app.  The restaurant by skipping queues at the entrance and at payments) has been effective. Already collecting 25,000 downloads .Of which at least 10,000 with a constant frequency of use”.

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Both have a long experience in the sector behind them: Giada Marabotto is the owner of Volver Viaggi in Genoa Hong Kong lead  and Antonella Ruperto of Happyland in Rome. Thanks to the publication of handbooks on tourism marketing, female managers have become a point of reference for the category. Today they found Suite Travel, a benefit company , with the aim of creating a network of travel consultants, capable of bringing the public closer to the agencies. Antonella Ruperto and Giada Marabotto. Bring breakfast from the bar directly to the home is also particularly innovative . An offer born from the need to experiment. Within the framework of a panorama that is progressively erasing the distinction between home and office. For this reason, to meet the needs of the public. During the pandemic, by entrepreneurs giada marabotto and antonella ruperto . Who presented it live on facebook.

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