We have just presented our new flagship product on

In order for it to be effective, in a defined period of time. Therefore, it is not a simple numerical collection of posts, comments and other contents about a character, a brand or an initiative, but an observation of the type of sensations and states of mind that the authors they express. Through software, algorithms and classic text analysis tools, as well as data mining and natural language processing techniques , it is possible to define the target’s reaction and place it on a scale that includes positive, negative or neutral reactions. There are also possibilities for further study and even more detailed analyses.

Why is it useful Sentiment analysis aims to provide those

Who do – and those who commission – the analysis of a data set of information useful for understanding how  Belarus Mobile Number List people have reacted to something that is important for our brand. Let’s go back to the initial example.  the market, on our social channels and on e-commerce: a backpack made entirely of plant-based fabric. We did everything right. Elaborated our communication strategy, studied the target, identified the right channels.


The product is online. And now  We can certainly monitor the clicks

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That come to our website, or the backpack orders. But we still have one doubt: did they really like our idea? Has it Hong Kong lead  made us more popular? Have consumers sensitive to the issue of environmental sustainability grasped and appreciated our project? In this sense, sentiment analysis intervenes and allows us to observe more deeply not only active behaviors (clicks or purchases), but also emotional reactions . Undoubtedly, a string of compliments cannot replace the effective sale of our product, but it makes us realize if we are talking to the right people and, possibly, gives us incentives to develop products and services consistent with our objectives.

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