What are Facebook groups and how do they work

Many startups start bringing young people on board, often at their first experience. Djungle’s first employees, on the other hand, are all professionals with twenty years of experience behind them, in successful start-ups and/or large companies, who now also have the role of trainers for the younger figures”. Gamification is also the theme of the next ECOffee with Nicolò Santin , who innovated the sector in Italy, founding Gamindo , aggregator of branded video games. We look forward to seeing you on Tuesday 6 October, at 2.30 pm on the MediaDjungle is completely dedicated to the project, choosing only one new customer every year and wants to be sure that the brand, the corporate body with which it will work, have the desire to innovate and the right mindset to embark on this path and make a difference in digital .


TikTok is the social network of the moment, Instagram the one that attracts users and

Investments, Pinterest the one to keep an eye on. But aren’t we forgetting about Facebook? The social network par excellence continues to Georgia Mobile Number List lose its appeal among the youngest, but for some segments of the population it remains the main tool for sharing thoughts, photographs and news. After all,there are 2 and a half billion active users on Facebook in the world, and 29 million in Italy with a growing average age which is still valuable information to keep.

Sure bringing out a brand on Facebook organically is particularly

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Complex, but today we’re talking about a tool that could be very useful for intercepting your niche and building a solid community: Facebook Hong Kong lead  groups .  Often forgotten, Facebook Groups can be invaluable tools in the hands of social media managers and strategists . This is because these are virtual spaces that bring together people who choose to join that group and are, therefore, particularly interested in the contents offered or in being part of that community. From a practical point of view, we distinguish public , private and closed groups based on whether or not membership is open.

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