Which I chose to seize and cultivate

resilience and serenity . Adapt communication to a sensitive approach to customer needs and everyone’s difficulties, enhancing the attractions of one’s own reality in a responsible manner. “Dream now – Travel later” , for example, is written on the homepage of the official Swiss tourism.  Website , or “Please, take care of yourself” is the copy of a Canary Islands campaign. Interesting ideas that help the tourist to immerse themselves, from a distance, in distant wonders and to imagine the future with more confidence. Digital and social media communication: interview with Francesco Barone The world of start-ups is extremely stimulating, but at the same time hectic and risky.

Despite the great gamble inherent in this business model, there are those

Who choose to dedicate themselves completely and exclusively to it. Such as the ceo of goout francesco barone. From sales of spotlime. An event Poland Mobile Number List app founded in 2013 by the company. He started the digital communication agency piano social in 2019 . After becoming ceo. We asked francesco to tell us about goout’s journey and. In particular, to explain .Which digital communication strategies. Work universally and in this particular historical moment. The team and our social media managers – social. Plan from the exclusive management of an app for events to the creation of a digital. Communication agency from scratch.

The life of a start-up is based on a strong commitment, which means that in order to be

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Able to sustain the pace of this type of entrepreneurship. You need to have considerable dedication to the project. Which can be put to the test by Hong Kong lead sudden changes in perspective and to the business plan. The main risk is that of getting stuck in the ” game of dreams “. When a start-up doesn’t work. You need to be able to understand it and move on  . If, for example, the market exists and the company does not take off, you need the lucidity necessary to understand in which direction to go. In this panorama, Spot lime has had many successes and an excellent following, but it gave room for other opportunities, . I wasn’t the founder.

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