Wine goes digital: 12 wineries to be inspired by, even online

The platforms also differ for some specific services. Gottowinetour, for example, allows you to download the app directly to your smartphone for searching and completing reservations. While cantine. Wine allows you to give the. Experience directly from the site. Finally, divinea has a series of totally online. Proposals to make at home. The mechanism is immediate. And the promoters ensure. That the response from users and wineries is good; so much so that. Both the number of partners and the type of experiences. Offered are growing.Even more so in a summer conditioned. By social distancing. And the anti-covid-19 regulations that have led many italians to plan holidays not far from home .

After all, digital is a tool available to get closer to users and potential customers

Especially when the proposal is structured specifically for your sector.Anyone involved in communication is always on the lookout Iceland Mobile Number List  for novelty, case studies to analyze for inspiration. Today we are dedicated to a growing sector, wine marketing . If once the labels provided information, today they manage to excite, enhancing the product, but also the territory from which it comes. Eco della Stampa has already addressed the topic, dispensing advice to start moving in the digital world of wine . Now we virtually immerse ourselves in the accounts and websites of some realities that, throughout the peninsula, stand out for the use of social media and for a particularly suggestive and effective visual communication .

Let’s not forget that food and wine is also an important item for the tourism sector which

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After the coronavirus emergency, is struggling to recover. Here then is a path of experience, but also of inspiration / to draw inspiration and ideas Hong Kong lead   from the world of wine. The ingredients. Community, internationality and coherence let’s/take a step back to recall the /significant aspects of the communication strategies implemented by the major italian consortia. In the communication/ of the trento doc/ the stimulus addressed to the community /through dedicate .Dhashtags is interesting /which allow for the creation of a collective story of the wine, interweaving history and territory. Equally articulated. Rich and international is the communication of prosecco doc/ which offers a glossary to customers and enthusiasts who can thus learn something more.

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