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In the case of Branded Lens, the brand creates actual 2D or 3D filters and special effects that the user can then use in creating their own videos. Lastly, Top View consists of a sponsorship very similar to Brand Takeover, which users view in the “For you” section and which is usually associated with a call to action. All that remains, therefore, is to choose the most suitable advertising format… and Facebook Shops, the new feature for small brands It was the people who use our apps who imagined social commerce, and we’re helping them make it a reality. Mark Zuckerberg . Mark Zuckerberg announced the latest feature of his platforms: Facebook Shops . It is a system that allows you to create an e-commerce directly on social networks.

A more professional marketplace, one can say, designed for small and medium-sized

Companies and, in the future. With the possibility of purchasing directly in the app. From online shopping to social shopping. The ceo and Kuwait Mobile Number List  founder of facebook and instagram .Explained that this innovation is also .Stimulated by the coronavirus pandemic . Zuckerberg has not escaped the fact that, in recent months.The turnover of e-commerce has grown considerably – also due to the simple fact that, often. It was the only way to make purchases – and. Which involves increasingly large segments of the population. Addressing not only to the very young considered smarter. The target and its purchasing power have changed.

A showcase on Facebook, or on Instagram, can also become interesting for smaller

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Brands which, until now, had not invested in online sales preferring other channels. Sure, Zuckerberg’s announcement didn’t cause a sensation  Hong Kong lead and it’s not completely new. The marketplace already exists on Facebook where users can sell or buy items, and there was already a showcase for pages and accounts to showcase their products. Furthermore, the fact that Instagram was increasingly a social network where you can shop is a recognized trend. The shops offer a simplified and synthesis space for these needs, and suggest a further evolution of Facebook and Instagram: the possibility of making “social shopping”, purchases directly in the app.

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