New moment of influencer marketing


The term “soft skill” has to do with behavioral skills. Although it is generally associated with creators with a large following, it has its importance within companies, among their employees and their micro-communities. Therefore, the objective is to make employees internal references that can motivate their teams. This means investing in training leaders inside and outside the company. In this way, examples of soft skills are effective communication, resilience, creativity, organization and empathy. In addition, these characteristics are related to emotional and non-technical skills.

New consumer behavior

The pandemic has completely changed the way of consuming. Thus, with it comes the need to invest in the digital world to provide an efficient shopping space that can satisfy consumer needs. In this way, Marketing 5.0, with the vision of uniting technology and the human factor to attract, conquer and gain customer loyalty, provide Dubai Phone Number List the customer with a journey with information, data management and humanization. Therefore, 5.0 is the result of the sum of technological advances, the behavior of the new generations and the new business models that have emerged with the world of digitalization.

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Aware of new technologies

Thus, the popularity of the internet brought brands and consumers closer together in a consistent and remarkable way. There is no way to stay in the digital universe without being aware of new technologies. Especially those who work directly with the internet and digital marketing. The coming years already promise new Hong Kong Lead technologies in the digital environment. Web 3.0, for example, is the first of these. Furthermore, it succeeds Web 2.5 and Web 2.0. Web 2.0 is linked to the era of creation, that’s when we had the beginning of social networks and content creation in a centralized way, on platforms such as blogs and photologs.

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