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Brazil is part of a global trend. Google has already announced that mobile searches are more expressive. Within this context, the company modified the algorithm of its search engine. This will bring negative results to the site, including causing many possible interested parties not to return after this negative experience. Mobile-optimized sites come first. Responsive design is the main element of landing pages. Pages need to be readable on as many gadgets as possible. This way, you will catch the attention of users. If you need to, look for a job specialized in the subject that can help with the purpose of entering your brand in the virtual universe.

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The user can analyze the content without having to zoom or scroll the text down or sideways several times. Movements like this make navigability difficult and can make someone give up in the middle of a buying process. In addition, there is an option called bumper, where the video must be 6 seconds or less. This one, the viewer does not Japan Phone Number List have the option to skip it. Popups Pop-ups generate discontent due to intrusive browsing. Even so, there are few tools that result in a conversion rate like this. Another possible option is that you can make your brand advertising float on the navigation page and even expand when someone interacts with it.

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Make your stuff light for easy loading. Also, use static images and abandon software such as flash. In this way, the operating systems simply do not allow the visualization of videos or animations that require this program. That is, they will not appear while the user is browsing your site. These ads appear at the end of posts or Hong Kong Lead on other websites as if they were related articles. The appearance is similar to that of sponsored links, it basically consists of a title.  A description and a link from which people access your page. In addition to static images, there are also ads in gif and flash formats. Thus, graphics and videos are most used in remarketing strategies. it’s time to prepare that campaign and look for the results you want in the digital environment. In this type of ad it is possible to include videos, audios, images and games.

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