Sign up for Google My Business

Sign up for Google If addition to e-commerce, you have a physical establishment, this tip is for you. It is through your Google My Business registration that your store can appear with great prominence when its name is searched by users. When you use Google’s free platform, information about your business will appear in a prominent frame. In this case, common data such as address, location on Google Maps, opening hours, user reviews and featured products. In internal content, it is common for duplication to occur when these different URLs give access to the same home page. On the other hand, it is also common to see duplicated internal content on parameterized pages, which are the same pages as the original URL.

Plan content for each stage of the journey

It is important to segment the content according to sales stages. And the production of content for the purchase journey is based on the sales funnel model. Example, at the top, the effort is to attract the largest possible number of audiences. In the middle of the funnel, the user is already aware that he has a problem and is trying to solve it. For this, use the internet. Here your company needs to enter as an authority reference. You can offer more in-depth material that Sweden Phone Numbers List responds to your audience’s desires. At the bottom of the funnel, the user is qualified and within your ideal customer profile. In this case, they are people to whom you will present the solution to the problems it presents. So the best types of content can be product pages, success stories, demo videos.

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Highlight customer reviews

Users take customer reviews very seriously. Therefore, if you offer a good product, you must demonstrate this to those who are researching the item. More than 90% of consumers are influenced by shopper comments and ratings regarding products when making a purchase. Duplicate content will confuse Google’s understanding, i.e. which is the original page and which is the most important. Hence the need to avoid them. There are two types of duplicate Hong Kong Lead  content: external and internal. Below we will talk about each of them. External Product descriptions need to be original and unique. Therefore, an error that can be characterized as duplicate content is the use of standard descriptions sent by manufacturers. These words will probably be used by other stores, therefore, you will not differentiate yourself from competitors and your site may be harmed in terms of positioning.

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