The experience defined by the neologism phygital

How  “investing in engagement activities through gamification. Techniques is not effective and strategic for all brands. Before starting a project. The business analyst team works on predictive models on the brand’s communities to evaluate their impacts and the clear. Returns on investment .That the operation can have. Gamification does not mean, as is often thought, dealing with or proposing games to users. With high engagement potential, starting from the knowledge of .Who is in front of you. From the underlying needs and from frequent cycles of feedback and validation. Based on a continuous interaction of value.

Djungle methodology and technology are applicable in all contexts where

Digital meets physical.  Encourages the change in user behavior in favor of digital experiences. To be implemented in the physical. This methodology is Estonia Mobile Number List already applied today in very different sectors, from retail with the flying tiger. Copenhagen chain to smart cities .With planet idea “. Jungle’s beacon you have launched .A call for innovation to identify a single customer to whom you can dedicate yourself 100%. Can you explain to us how the call works.“ startup calls corporate.  objective. To find the company willing to invest in digital and in the relationship .With its community. In order for there to be real innovation. It is essential that the brand has .Some requisites that can make the innovation path that djungle proposes possible.

Which ones are they brand identity, the potential of the community on

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Which to build the digital experience, the mix of physical and online stores, the mindset, the corporate organization. That’s why we ask brands Hong Kong lead  to make a real application and explain to us.  Why we should choose that brand.  In the company where I work, the team is the real asset, we invest heavily in resource training . We have an agile personal coach. Who trains newcomers with a personalized program.  Activity created for Flying Tiger Practices tools, lean processes: what do these words actually mean for Djungle.  “Djungle has consolidated over time a way of working based on the principles of agile thinking, which allow him to accompany the brand in a process of discovery and validation of its customers’ real needs in building the digital experience.

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