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Importantly, it must specify the scope of entrusting data processing (first of all, an indication of the entities – persons whose data may be processd, the purpose of processing – whether only current contact or also complaints, the possibility of attaching attachments to the conversation, the type of data with an indication of specific data – consideration of the provision of special category data by customers). When developing the scope of entrustment, one should rely on previous experience in the field of questions and conversations with clients.

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Other requirements outside the entrustment agreement – checklist In order to start cooperation with a company offering a chatbot whatsapp mobile number list solution correctly and fully in accordance with the GDPR, in addition to concluding a contract for entrusting the processing of personal data, you must first of all: Designate appropriate purposes and legal grounds for the processing of personal data; Fulfill the information obligation towards users; Set an appropriate date for the retention of personal data stord as part of the chatbot.

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Depending on the designatd storage purposes (you can also include deadlines for. Defending against claims); Define the possibilities of making. Atomatic decisions, including profiling; Verify the delivery by sending a survey verifying Hong Kong Lead the level of implementd security and technical measures; Provide an information clause for business purposes (for representatives and contact persons on the other side of the contract). Considering the above, key issues should be verifid and clarifid, such as information on whether the chatbot will have access to the personal data of the website owner’s customers – if this is personal data.

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