They come into contact with a brand through different

Today’s consumers are much more informed and more attentive to the experience than to the price or quality.  channels and at different times, they don’t differentiate between physical and digital, their purchasing process can start online and materialize in a store or vice versa. And what they expect is to have a coherent and integrated experience throughout all their touchpoints with the brand (point of sale, website, ecommerce, social networks, customer service). But also a personalized experience, transparent communication, efficiency in product and service delivery and prompt resolution of problems. And this is where the customer experience comes into play.

The advantages of the Customer Experience A better customer

Experience therefore has undeniable advantages. First of all, it increases consumer loyalty (therefore increases loyalty), reduces retention costs and reduces the abandonment rate. But what Malaysia Phone Number List is even more interesting. It activates that virtuous circle of word of mouth that brings more customers to the brand spontaneously. How to improve the online experience here are a series of tricks and tools to improve the customer experience. Since the interactions between brands and consumers are increasingly fragmented. It is necessary to intercept all those micro-moments of the customer journey and build content that captures attention.

The consumer accesses the content itself with different

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Devices (computer, tablet, smartphone), and therefore it is necessary. To ensure that that content is perfectly Hong Kong lead usable, and readable, on each of these devices. We need to listen to the consumer in all channels. Physical and digital. With social monitoring and sentiment analysis tools .To collect feedback. And data and provide an increasingly personalized service and product. Finally, when possible, rely on systems and technologies that allow us to offer new services and increasingly relevant contents and messages. Let’s think of the internet of things (ie the ability of objects to be connected to each other and exchange data and information).

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