I graduated in Marketing Management at Bocconi

Communication, and , co-founder. typing team; digital; freelancers; freelancing; digital creatives; startups The founders of Digitazon . From left: Saverio Mirto , Angelica Peretti and Andrea Zangiacomi Angelica, Andrea and Saverio : before going into the merits of Digitazon , I would like you to tell me something about yourself, your experiences and your training. Andrea Zangiacomi : “I am the CEO of Digitazon and I deal with the strategic part and the relationship with investors and customers. After a three-year course in Economics at Bicocca in Milan , I attended a Master of Science in Marketing Management at the University of Groningen in the Netherlands. After that, I spent some time in Singapore.

Working as a Marketing Assistant in Philips

Back in Holland, I joined Unilever first as Assistant Brand Manager and then as Digital Project Manager for the China Mobile Number List Food sector in Europe. It was just in Rotterdam, together with Angelica eaSaverio , who in 2018 we started laying the foundations of the startup , grasping the needs and problems of companies in the marketing field.” Angelica Peretti : “I am co-founder and Head of Marketing and Communication of Digitazon .  University in Milan. After my studies, I moved to Holland, to Rotterdam. Here I led the Unilever Content team for a few years, dealing with marketing and communication projectsat European level for the company’s Food brands .” Saverio Mirto : “I am co-founder of Digitazon .

I graduated in Economics and Business Management at the

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University of Roma Tre . Then I did a Masters in International Business and Management at RUG University in Hong Kong lead Groningen. Later, I moved to Rotterdam and worked for about a year in the marketing team of Unilever Food Solutions . Then, I became Country Manager for Italy at Sana Commerce , a Dutch company active in the e-commerce sector .” How much did your career path take to arrive at the concept of this startup ? “The experience in a multinational was fundamental . Being part of the marketing team in the Food department of Unilever’s European headquarters was almost like a “third degree”.

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