Miutifin: the startup that revolutionizes the way music is made and communicated

At the age of fifteen, after a summer spent learning the rudiments of programming, Loris Caputo founded Miutifin, a web platform that allows anyone to easily create music and share it online.

Loris is convinced that music and technology have no boundaries; for this, in 2018 he gives life to Miutifin. It is an interactive space, which today has over six thousand subscribers and proves to be a fundamental tool not only for those who work in the musical world, but above all for self-taught and newbies who want to express their creativity, without necessarily knowing the stave.

We interviewed the young entrepreneur who, last December, was one of the protagonists of the thirteenth edition of Best Practices , the award for successful startups and SMEs of Confindustria Salerno.

Left, Loris Caputo receives the 2019 Best Practices Award

Loris, how did the idea of ​​Miutifin come about? Was the driving force the passion for music or the need for innovation in this sector?

“I have always loved music and information  Uruguay Mobile Number List technology. The idea of ​​creating Miutifin came to me while studying programming as a self-taught and, within a long night, I had this intuition. As the product took shape, I realized how much the opportunities for young people to enter the world of music can grow with Miutifin”.

“Prove that music is for everyone”. This is your mission. Is Miutifin really that simple to use? How does it work?

“My intent is to make music production accessible to everyone. In fact, Miutifin, through the worktable, allows each user to create melodies and backing tracks quickly and easily. And, subsequently, distribute your track online, both on Miutifin and on other social channels. The path from «I intend to make music» to «I make music», until yesterday, was long and complex. Today, thanks to Miutifin, this is no longer the case”.

What makes Miutifin different from other music making software for computer?

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“Compared to its competitors, Miutifin, first of all, is an online service for everyone, it allows you to create music through a virtual keyboard, saving and protecting tracks no longer locally, but in the cloud. The platform brings together two important features that dominate the music industry: production and distribution, all in one service”.

The startup you founded also caught Hong Kong lead   the eye of former Apple president Marco Landi. How have things changed since then?

“Meeting Marco Landi and sharing in the project were a source of pride for me. Together, we are designing a series of strategies, so that the platform and the community grow more and more”.

Miutifin and copyright: can users registered on the platform protect the works they invent?

“This topic is one of the hottest in recent years in the music industry. It’s a problem that any artist faces, sooner or later, along her path. For this, we have tried to offer a solution. Those who create music tracks on Miutifin will be protected thanks to the help of the blockchain, which is essential for safeguarding our users”.

what are your future projects? Can you imagine Miutifin ten years from now?

“My vision is that Miutifin will become the reference point for everyone in the music world”.

We thank Loris for his contribution and wish him the best of luck in this successful venture.

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