Tastings in the cellar: the new booking is all digital

In the second, however.They are a perfect place for advertising events and initiatives .Carried out on the premises such as a promotion, or a concert, to give two examples. This type of group .Is very often also useful for the dissemination of solidarity. Initiatives or for the search for resources and .Support in a community. They can then become a. Valuable resource for growing .A community loyal to the brand and very active, as well as for getting to know your target better.

A single online platform where you can browse the “catalogue” of the cellars of the

Most important wine-producing areas of italy and book a visit. A tasting or your participation in an event .With a click. All within reach Honduras Mobile Number List of a smartphone . With this objective various web platforms. Are born, also optimized for mobile. Of course . The mechanism is simple and the potential is great.But these realities .Struggle to make themselves known to the genera.L public. What is certain is that – looking at the progressive. Growth of. Wine tourism in italy – there are very interested potential consumers who. We can imagine. Can’t .Wait to discover the existence of the tools we are presenting today. The cellars as a place for tourism .Taking a step back, it is important to reflect on how crucial digital and online communication. Are also for the world of wine.

As we have seen by analyzing some websites of Italian wineries that are effective in

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Telling their story, the sector has chosen, in recent years, to invest in a rebranding that focuses on the authenticity, historicity and quality of Hong Kong lead  the product . Without a doubt, wine is one of the excellences of Made in Italy from North to South. A high quality good that represents its territory in the world and that can also become a growth driver for the areas from which it comes. Just think of Chianti , a name that is synonymous with history, quality and Tuscany. But also to the Trento DOC which inextricably links the city with one of its excellences. Booking engine for wine: why book a visit to a cellar online One of the (many) ways to transform a food and wine production into a factor of tourist attraction is the opening of the cellars with visits and tastings. The pioneering event is considered Cantine Aperte , a by now historic initiative of the Movimento Turismo del Vino.

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