The ambassador often enjoys a discount code for his followers

It will therefore be much easier to retain this smaller pool by talking about companies accessible to all. What does the brand ambassador do The ambassador’s job is to post images or videos to show the products of a specific brand and talk about their impressions. In summary, share your experience with the community. The brand page will then reuse the photos taken on its profile and in its stories to create a “real” feed.  to use. Here is the importance of a small but trusted following, thanks to which you can earn a percentage of the purchase, as well as a return in visibility on the official brand pages.

In short even if the company provides the products to be sponsored

At a discounted price or free of charge, using ambassadors is the best strategy for: have an economic return; boost brand awareness ; outline  Kenya Mobile Number List  the brand identity ; always keep the brand reputation high . To find ambassadors on Instagram, there are specific figures who contact potential collaborators directly. Targeted selections are mainly done through hashtag research on instagram. But there are other resources that can be exploited to recruit profiles .Interested in this role. Hashtag likes some tools to find the ideal ambassador .Through the advanced settings of the combin growth tool . For example.You can search for potential brand ambassadors.

It starts with a hashtag search we continue by filtering places

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Comments and likes on their posts, but also the gender. Language and number of followers and followings.  All that Hong Kong lead  remains is to analyze individual users.Their web reputation . Their feed and. If necessary, contact them. For those who, on the other hand. Prefer to use their smartphone exclusively. It is possible to download. Specific apps and enter the databases of profiles interested in the role of ambassador. Or personally select a brand and propose to sponsor some products. In both cases, it is essential to enter your instagram and facebook profiles. So that companies can evaluate some parameters: the number of followers, their target and the type of feed. Among the most used software. There are brandbassador , collabor8 and koli .

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