The influencer is a person who manages to direct the market

It can be used to monitor brand and competitor opinions, as well as find industry influencers . Absolutely recommended for companies that have a blog in SEO key. Mention has two versions: a free one and a PRO for professionals, with more features. Mention Are reputation and SEO connected? The answer is yes. There are a number of connections between a well-optimized site for search engines and online reputation. The site of a company with good SEO is found more easily. Consequently the likelihood of acquiring comment. reviews and customers increases, all factors that contribute to generating a good digital reputation.

A help to the company can also come from Google My Business

Both to improve the reputation and for the organic positioning. The site of an activity inserted in the my business Cambodia Mobile Number List  form. Which can be compiled and updated .With photographs and times – data that must coincide with those of the company site – will be more effective in the serp. As well as in the local seo . Business consultancy l’eco della stampa monitors all italian media. Traditional and digital.To inform over 4,000 companies and organizations. The media analysis department . Collecting data through the most advanced technologies. Since 2013 .  Which allows customers to evaluate the mentions that concern them and improve their marketing strategy if necessary.

Influencer marketing, this is how business is done in the new millennium

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The most famous in the world, according to Forbes, is Chiara Ferragni who earns 52,000 euros per post.  To the Hong Kong lead  point. That today there is a constant increase of young people who would like to take the same path. That of the influencer . Long gone are the times.  Traditional entrepreneurs and the people of the net. Even if the generation gap, at times. Remains an obstacle. The intention to buy depends on the influencer , thanks to what he does or what he says on his blog and on the social profiles he uses every day.

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