The light bulb went on and the change began

I was a salesman who went around clubs, in direct contact with customers. I took advantage of the wealth of knowledge and contacts I had accumulated over time to understand that needs were changing: “How do Facebook and Instagram work?”.  From «Stay Focused» we moved on to «We can do it» and we expanded the business: we tried to make the so-called pivot”. What are the essential skills to do digital communication? “Having an aptitude for study, a general smattering of information technology or understanding how the digital world works are skills that help, but I can’t say that they are enough. To be a digital communication professional, the essential skill is to have passion .

Digital is a sector that tends to innovate every day and passion is

What drives us to constantly update . There is a spasmodic, almost obsessive search to improve one’s product. Which forces the digital professional Qatar Mobile Number List to study day and night. There are many tools that must be used. Starting from social media and ending. With search engines, passing through e-commerce sites. Programming languages”. Digital communication who are the figures of your team. “when developing and launching a new brand. The most important thing is team building.

The resources that work on start-ups are the best, because they have a spirit of

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Adaptation and a dynamism that allows them to do anything: this was our starting point. Subsequently, the choice was to create verticals, understand Hong Kong lead what the focus was. How is social media management done? What do you need to manage social networks?» were the questions on which we based ourselves to select the professional figures that make up our team. Social networks are made up of texts and images, therefore content editors and graphics are needed , but they are also made up of numbers, therefore engineers are needed . If you put images, texts and numbers together, you will find the key to making an excellent social media management and consultancy company”.

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