The publication of the first book on guerrilla marketing

The red thread that binds the ten songs that make up the new album, is intended not only as a romantic feeling for a couple. But also as a vehicle of empathy and mutual help, which we need in this period. “Hold me tighter” by Junior V Franco126 illuminates Rome A series of luminous writings, unexpectedly lit on the bridges of Rome, are the invention of Franco Bertollini , aka Franco126 , a singer-songwriter in love with rhyme . Thu , the artist announced his return to the scene after the debut album “Single room” (2019), through a spectacular guerrilla marketing action.

In his neighborhood Trastevere especially on the Sisto bridge

All verses taken from “Blue jeans” . An intimate single sung together with calcutta . One of the artists Bahrain Mobile Number List who, like coez . Gianni bismark and carl brave . Shares. With franco126 that choral vision of a simple and everyday. Roman world, not from “Great beauty”. But just as impressive.For one night the sky was not quilted with star. But with led lights.With the inscription .”Maybe it was a little better before. I was a little better too” .While on the new ponte della musica shone .”And this rain will get tired and time runs on the tram. Wires” and on the old arches of the milvio bridge hovered “I was wearing the same blue jeans and you had the same lies in your mouth”.

Franco126 An evergreen strategy Born in the eighties in California

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Guerrilla marketing, before being an advertising strategy, is a search for contact with one’s audience.  Walter Hong Kong lead Thompson . Levinson’s students were also bill gates and steve jobs , who then brought jay into their companies. To teach guerrilla marketing to .What would become two giants, microsoft and apple . Guerrilla marketing has often become synonymous .With striking action that makes people talk about a specific brand.Or an artist, as we have seen.

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