The reasons are varied precisely because it is a very versatile tool

In fact, it is possible to allow all facebook users to view and interact with the contents. Or to request registration (also by answering some questions that can be useful for promotion) or.Inally, access by invitation only. Facebook groups can be linked to a page . In this case, they also appear in the interface that the user sees. When he lands on the brand page. And they can be personalized in the name.Cover and image of the group, so as to be consistent. With that of the brand. Within groups it is possible to stimulate and start conversations. Publish various types of content. Including polls, share files. But also broadcast live videos intended only for community members.

Communication is horizontal, since both the page and simple users can

Initiate conversations, communicate with each other and interact on an equal footing. Among the most recent features added to groups, there Greece Mobile Number List are the possibility to register as a page and not just as a user, and the Facebook “rooms” to organize group video calls. facebook search bar Why are Facebook groups useful? But let’s get to the point. Because a Facebook group can be useful in the communication strategy of a brand or a company. . Firstly, Facebook has repeatedly stated that its algorithm tends to reward conversations between users and, in this sense.

What happens in groups has a better chance of emerging organically in the feed

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Those who follow it. They then allow you to listen to the community . participate and develop conversations about the products or services Hong Kong lead  offered. They are a powerful information gathering tool, also useful for improving your proposal based on users’ opinions. Of course, this aspect can make the difference for an activity that has a target demographically consistent with Facebook users. Furthermore, also thanks to the gratification .Through tools such as the “Top Contributor”, it is possible to transform the members of the community. into real micro-ambassadors of their own reality.

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