The Restart Your Travel method Giada Marabotto in

To each his own job – Giada agrees – just as the doctor or the lawyer are specialized in their discipline and we turn to them for certain situations, so the (serious) travel agent has studied for a long time and continues to train, also in the field, to provide professional advice on travel”.  her book “A 5-star challenge” (Youcanprint, 2020) reveals to tourism entrepreneurs a method for restarting . It is not just a marketing strategy, but a guide for the reader in search of his own peculiarities, in order to distinguish himself and transform his talents into a starting point for the rebirth of the company.

The program consists of five steps: analyze your current situation

Being a purple cow, as marketing guru Seth Godin puts it ; set achievable goals, with targets and strategy; creating Armenia Mobile Number List the right marketing mix to reach them, the road to success; to be positive. According to Giada Marabotto and Antonella Ruperto, certainly. In addition to sharing and security , the third key word for Suite Travel is sustainability . The managers offer slow itineraries, slow tourism, in contact with nature, thanks to outdoor experiences and activities.

An Academy to train travel agents Another project in the pipeline by Giada and Antonella

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Suite travel is a benefit company – argues marabotto – we have given it this cut. Because we believe that respect Hong Kong lead  for nature is fundamental when doing business. Slow journeys of wonders are the product, but we also offer cruises and classic tourism. Providing for less use of the paper catalogue. Online payments.With an eye to the environment”.  The creation of a training center for tourism professionals. “suite travel is designing an academy for those. Who want to undertake a targeted path and update. Themselves on a monthly basis.So as to maximize performance.

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