The Uffizi Decameron format

Just what online users are looking for. They want to interact with other people and be able to communicate with the company itself and expect to easily find all the information, insights and reviews they are looking for (interaction). In addition to this, they seek lightness and leisure, empathy, companionship and, now more than ever, culture (entertainment). Social media in the cultural heritage sector Uffizi Galleries Speaking of culture, we note how the Uffizi Galleries, an undisputed institution both in Italy and in the world, have strongly implemented their online cultural offer during the year of the pandemic.

Among the most significant innovations is the opening of the

Facebook page (March 10, 2020) launched with the Uffizi Decameron social campaign , the aim of which New Zealand Phone Numbers List was to keep people company “remotely” through a rich schedule of digital contents dedicated to the works of the museums. “Every day we will tell the stories, the works, the characters of our beautiful museums, uniting in the name of culture, art and – why not – leisure”, explained director Eike Schmidt. , inspired by the famous works of Boccaccio, thus becomes a virtual refuge for users from all over the world, and like him also the other social initiatives such as the video columns La mia sala and Uffizi on Air , and the live conventions, conferences and debates.

A second novelty was then the opening of the profile on the

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The result The Facebook profile has reached over 100,000 followers in just one year. TikTok social network, where Hong Kong lead  they currently have 70,615 followers reached since April 28, 2020. An incredible milestone and a real digital boom that didn’t just affect Facebook and TikTok, but all social channels and by extension the institutional site itself with a total, among all profiles, of 836,501 followers achieved. “This vast digital offer, carried out throughout the pandemic year, has rewarded us with a huge virtual audience success.

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