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Ggain to the 24-hour assistance provided by chatbots that are increasingly efficient in understanding and solving problems, or to the Personal Shoppers who guide the customer in choosing and purchasing. consumer; agency; experience; experience; relation; online; personalized offer Art, social media and digital initiatives. Interview with the Uffizi Galleries Let’s talk about art, cultural heritage, social media and digital initiatives. All in the company of a world-famous museum that is decidedly in step with the times: the Uffizi Galleries in Florence .

Social media is an incredibly powerful tool If even before the

Start of the pandemic it was essential for companies to include them rightly . Within their digital marketing strategy .During  Netherlands Phone Numbers List the last year of enormous changes dictated by restrictions and lockdowns. Their contribution has proved to be even more valuable . In fact, the more time passes, the more social media. Marketing plays a key role in managing the “Online presence” for businesses . Social media marketing and tracking the importance of a good social media marketing strategy. To better understand the power of social media for companies. It is enough to think of the relentless growth. That social media itself experiences from year to year.

Looking at the data for this April 2021 for example

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We know that social media involves over 4 billion users worldwide online . An increase of +130 million compared to january 2021. To date, it is not enough to have an account on any social Hong Kong lead  channel to get in touch .With the right audience and therefore generate an advantage for our business. Rather, it is necessary to study a valid and complex strategy for our presence. On social networks to be effective . Strategy that will be monitored . “Adjusted” and continuously improved. Based precisely on the results obtained and therefore on the quality of our exposure. On social media. Key concepts: interaction and entertainment .

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