What is sentiment analysis In more specific terms

But it is something else. It is a means of obtaining conventional results, such as increasing profits, with (also) unconventional means. It was born, above all, to respond to a need: to do marketing on a limited budget . Jay Conrad Levinson’s guidelines Levinson’s teachings are still valid today, which can be applied in different contexts, both when sponsoring a brand, product or service, such as music: guerrilla marketing is a tool suitable for those who do not have large budgets; investing in guerrilla marketing is based on time, energy and imagination, rather than money; the action is effective according to the number of new relationships established we need to forget the competition and focus on how to cooperate with other types of business guerrilla marketing must always be a combination of different marketing method.

We must use existing technologies as a tool to strengthen communication

All ideas that allow you to get the maximum result, spending the minimum. And they are therefore suitable for Wuhan Mobile Phone Number List young artists or for those who are already famous, but want to break the mold to promote music with originality and in synergy with the public.  ListenWhy you shouldn’t do without sentiment analysis Imagine yourself in a room, or in a square, or even in a stadium, after announcing some big news. It is possible that some of the people present are talking about you.


With enthusiasm With disappointment How many are there

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Who are expressing their opinion and how many remain silent? If in the situation we are imagining, measuring the  Hong Kong lead  chatter and understanding the prevailing mood is almost impossible, all of this becomes achievable online. Listening to conversations about you, your brand or the services you offer, in a nutshell, is sentiment analysis , which is the subject of this article. We are sure that, once you discover it, you won’t want to do without it. , sentiment analysis consists of analyzing the interactions between online users in a given context, regarding a given event and.

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