WhatsApp Business, an extra gear for your communication

The landing in Italy of WhatsApp Business , this version of the very popular messaging application owned by Facebook, is certainly nothing new .

WhatsApp Business, a tool for small and medium-sized businesses
As can be easily deduced from the name, WhatsApp Business is nothing more than a branded version of the classic app used by 32 million Italians in 2019 (eMarketer data).

Italy was one of the five countries that were the first to experiment with this function starting from January 2018. This is an application designed for small and medium-sized companies that can, through WhatsApp Business, communicate directly with own customers.

The potential is evident. Considering how much WhatsApp is used as a daily communication tool and how much content is shared just like that, in dark social networks , for a brand to enter these information flows can make a difference.

The most comfortable functions

First of all, the business account allows  Ukraine Mobile Number List  you to introduce yourself by adding a description of your business, address with map, opening hours and any other contact channels such as your email address to your profile picture.


Recently it has also become possible to link the messenger account with a Facebook page . In this way, from the “Contact” button on the page, it will become very easy to speak directly with those who can answer questions or provide valuable information, skipping many steps.

use whatsapp for small business

How to get WhatsApp Business?

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WhatsApp Business is a separate application from the traditional WhatsApp.

You need to connect a different phone Hong Kong lead  number to the app , which can be your company number. At this point it is sufficient to optimize the profile and start using it according to your needs.

Opportunities for small brands?
The most interesting element is precisely the possibility of communicating directly with users.

What is certain is that, moving on this medium, communications must necessarily be fast .

Equally important is the tone of voice . We are in a very informal context, but this does not imply that a brand must distort itself.

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