Which combines quantitative and qualitative elements

The goals of sentiment analysis In summary, sentiment analysis serves to: monitor in real time the reactions of our followers to posts on social channels about a certain topic; monitor opinions on the brand in general and, consequently, evaluate the online reputation; listen to requests , needs and priorities of the target and, in general, of those who follow us; contribute to a complete and exhaustive social media monitoring .

Precisely because of its versatility sentiment analysis can be

Applied in many fields and in different activities: from cosmetics to car manufacturers , from the Public Croatia Mobile Number List Administration to professionals . Wherever there is a written text – social media, websites, traditional media, forums – tools that perform this type of analysis can be used. From data to business development Doing sentiment analysis is not something you can do alone . Just think of how costly it can be – in terms of time and energy – to collect tweets, comments, captions that talk about you on the Net.

Fortunately there are software and platforms – such as the

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Eco Social service of the Eco della Stampa – specifically developed to identify, through a screening. Very often Hong Kong lead  the services also return graphs and infographics that aggregate the data collected and turn into business development tools in your hands. Did your sustainability-conscious fans like your backpack but didn’t buy it. Thanks to the sentiment analysis you. Is it a pricing issue. Of functionality  . Of seasonality. Sentiment analysis is the starting point for a more in-depth investigation. Apremise for the growth of your business.

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